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We can't help everyone.  However, if one of these situations applies to you, we may be able to help.

Option 1: FDCPA Lawsuit.

An FDCPA lawsuit may be appropriate if your privacy has been invaded by a debtor collector or your have been subject to other outrageous conduct by a debt collector.  FDCPA lawsuits can result in you obtaining money damages from the debt collector.  If you would like to explore this option, please submit an unfair debt collection contact questionnaire. We will review your submission for free and keep it absolutely confidential.  If we determine that you have a good case, we will agree to take it on a contingent fee basis so that your attorney's fees will come from the debt collector, not from you.  Click here to read about damages, fees, and costs in a FDCPA lawsuit.

Option 2: Debt Consultation.

You do not want to sue a debt collector, but you want to find the best solution to your debt problems.  You have the option of a debt consultation. Some consultation topics include how to defend debt collection lawsuits, how to stop debt collection calls effectively, debt counseling, assets and exemptions, credit report issues, business issues, etc.  There is a $200 fee for an initial one hour consultation.  This consultation can take place at our office or over the phone.  If you would like to schedule a debt consultation, click here.

Option 3: Bankruptcy.

You want to file bankruptcy in Massachusetts.


Option 4: Debt Lawsuit Defense.

You want to hire an attorney to represent you in a lawsuit brought against you by a creditor or debt collector.  We charge upfront attorney's fees for these cases, which can make this option unaffordable for many people.  However, we do take these cases in the city of Boston (making travel to Court quicker and less expensive).  We require an initial retainer of at least $2,000 for these cases.  If you would like to explore this option, please email us at However, the reality is that often, but not always, the best choice for people facing state court debt lawsuits is to file for bankruptcy.

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